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Fertility Acupuncture in Orange County

High Success, Natural Fertility Treatments



At Empowered You Acupuncture, we specialize in natural solutions for fertility.

We use techniques that are backed both by thousands of years of tradition, and decades of modern research, to help couples and individuals get pregnant, stay pregnant, and have the family of their dreams!

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, using fertility medications, or assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF or IUI, our integrative treatment plans can make the difference you need to achieve a successful pregnancy.

We have a 100% success rate in helping our patients start families!

Acupuncture Greatly Enhances Your Odds of Becoming Pregnant. 

Acupuncture For Fertility

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in East Asia to treat reproductive and gynecological conditions. This time tested technique is now backed not only by millennia of tradition, but decades of scientific research.

Fertility specialists across the United States are now recommending acupuncture to their patients as part of standard, evidence-based practice.

This is because it has been proven that acupuncture can dramatically improve your chances of conception. Studies such as this one have found that acupuncture increases the chances of getting pregnant by 65%

In our fertility program, we combine acupuncture with East Asian botanical medicine to enhance the fertility boosting effects.

Research has shown that East Asian botanical medicine can improve fertility rates two fold over a four month period.

By combining these therapies, we create comprehensive, customized plans that:

  • Balances hormonal cycles to aid in conception

  • Improves fertile cervical mucus, ovarian function, and blood flow to the ovaries and uterus

  • Reduces the chance of miscarriage and enhances the immune system

  • Improves the thickness of the uterine wall lining, sperm parameters, and the quality of oocyte


Our goal is to address and maximize each phase of the menstrual cycle, regulate menstruation, promote ovulation, and encourage implantation in the luteal phase.

The beauty of this approach is that we can help you get pregnant naturally, or, if you have decided to go with IVF (or another assisted reproductive technology), we can work with your OB/GYN and other providers to increase your odds of success.

These natural methods have worked for countless couples and individuals from around the world. And they can work for you too!

Success Stories

Fertility Acupuncture Near Me

Using acupuncture and botanical medicine, we have helped countless people like you start families:

"After two unsuccessful rounds of IVF, I decided to add acupuncture to my treatment regimen for my third attempt. Thanks to Empowered You Acupuncture, the third time was the charm! They were able to successfully improve the thickness of my uterine lining, which apparently made all the difference. If you are thinking about doing IVF, you should definitely include acupuncture as part of your team, and if you're in Orange County the best choice is Empowered You Acupuncture!"

My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully, for a year. We had a number of tests but they couldn't find anything wrong with either of us. We were told to consider IVF, but were hesitant because of the invasiveness of the procedures. We decided to try acupuncture and herbal medicine first, and we are so glad we did! We are now the proud parents of a baby girl and we couldn't be happier. Empowered You Acupuncture has been such a blessing for our family.

A Personalized Approach to Fertility

IVF Acupuncture

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to medicine. That’s why we design personalized treatment plans for each of our patients. No two people are the same, so why would we treat them as such?

The number of acupuncture treatments needed to optimize your fertility will vary from person to person. We consider many factors in creating a personalized health plan, including your medical history, your age, whether you are using IVF or IUI, and other contributing health conditions.

Based on these factors, we create treatment plans that are customized to a patient’s specific needs. This tailored approach and attention to detail is why we have a 100% success rate in helping our patients start families!

You can start a family, even in your 40s!

Acupuncture for IVF Near Me

Acupuncture and botanical medicine can dramatically improve your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, or using IVF, we are here to support you and help you achieve the family of your dreams!


If you are ready to make that dream a reality, schedule your consultation with us today!


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